Alpe-Adria 2011 international meeting

* by Loris Tissino *

22nd edition

The traditional Alpe Adria Servas meeting this year was held in Arta Terme (Friuli, Italia), from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, 2011.

Meeting place

Arta Terme (UD), Park Oasi Hotel link)


Alpe Adria Meeting 2011 PDF

What we did

Alpe Adria Servas meetings are meant to let Servas members know each other in a relaxed context. Most of partecipants come from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Hungary.
This year we had guests from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and even Canada!

Friday, 9th September

Arrival in the afternoon
Visit to the bio-mass power plant
Evening walk

Saturday, 10th September

Meeting with local guides Mauro and Tiziana
Visit to the old St Peter’s church and to the Polse of Cougnes(external link)
Dancing evening

Sunday, 11th September

Mycological-botanic walk, with live identification of herbs and mushrooms
Open air lunch under a big walnut tree, with Carnic Alps typical courses (frico, polenta, mushrooms, herbs) prepared by chefs Benedetta and Giovanni, and Friulian wines
Group pictures, greetings, departures

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