70 Jahre Servas — Treffen in Indien

My Dear Servas Friends and Families,
I wish and hope you all are doing well.
For those who have planned to visit India  during september 2017 , or intend to visit soon they can join us

on 16 th and 17 th of september 2017.

REGISTER (fill in and send to abhayservasindia@gmail.com)

This year we are going to celebrate 

which will focus the project to celebrate
70th anniversary of Servas.

70 years sharing, 70 years traveling and hosting for peace and friendship.  We want to celebrate Servas, making connections all over the world during the same week 
with simultaneous activities that spread Servas values, such as Peace, Solidarity, Service, Hospitality, and Understanding.

Would you like to enjoy? To take Servas  forward? Yes, we all will do it together.

Our Servas member Mr. Vijay Bagadia and his enthusiastic team from Jalna have happily sponsored this event.
So, plan and book the travel tickets immediately to avoid last minute rush.
Where? —  Jalna (Near Aurangabad, Maharashtra)
How to reach? — By train, by air, by bus, Jalna is about 60 KM from Aurangabad city and about 200 KM from Nanded.

Airports — Aurangabad and Nanded.

Attractions? — The world famous Ajanta caves are only 110 KM away and Ellora caves are only 90 KM away. Lonar crater one of the biggest , 52000 year old lake is about 85 km . 

Your contribution — Your presence, positivity, love, togetherness and belongingness
Agenda — lot of fun, taking Servas  forward with your active participation. 

Last Date of your CONFIRMATION  7 th september  2017 .

feel free to contact me for  any query  our team will be happy to help.
with peace , love and metta

Abhay Shaha.
National Secretary ,Servas india.
Panchsheel apartment, Ashoknagar , Baramati. dist. Pune . India..
PIN. 413102.      + 91 72761 59259