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List of the Alpe-Adria meetings

The Alpe-Adria SERVAS meetings are a series of border-crossing gatherings in the area of the Eastern Alps initiated by Dorothea Schelch and Luigi Uslenghi in 1989. Since then nearly every year up to 50 SERVAS members spend a weekend together, … Weiterlesen

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Report from Servas Peace School (Turkey)

Peaceful Athmosphere at Ekinci (Antakya-Turkey): Servas Peace School Servas Turkey organises Peace School Programme in Ekinci (3aydiy) Antakya, Turkey between July 06-16th. A number of local and international Servas volunteers meet in this friendly village at this school for unusual … Weiterlesen

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Servas Israel – Diversity in a Small Country

Servas Israel invites you to a guided tour across Israel, which will provide the unique opportunity to see for yourself, first-hand and up-close the diversity in our small country – Israel: – Negev desert and the Dead Sea, with its … Weiterlesen

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SERVAS Online Status

Overview Servas Online started in the autumn of 2016. One year later, about 30 countries have their member data in the new system, see Issues 1.    Placement on the map The placement is by default in the „center“ of the … Weiterlesen

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List of SERVAS videos on the internet

We looked for videos about SERVAS on the internet, and we were astonished about the large number of videos available. Nearly all of these videos seem to be rather unknown according to the number of their hits, but we mean … Weiterlesen

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Renee und Servas

* contributed by Renee Chinquapin, Austria/USA * I am a 68-years old, transsexual American woman of Jewish heritage, currently living in Vienna with my Austrian partner. As I have time and good enough health to do some exploring and because I … Weiterlesen

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Can SEPA and TransferWise be useful for SERVAS international money transfers?

We looked for possibilities to reduce bank fees when we have to transfer the national SERVAS stamp fees to SERVAS International at the beginning of every year, and we want to share some of our experience with the SEPA and … Weiterlesen

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Report for Servas Israel

* by Orna and Benjamin, Israel * 50 Servas friends participated in the Tatra-Alpe-Adria international meeting, organized by Servas Austria and Servas Slovakia in 18-24 September 2015. Friends came from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Brasilia, Czech Republic, Poland, … Weiterlesen

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We want to thank you

* by Barbara & Magda, Polska * Dear all, My mom and I – want to thank you again for organizing the fabulous meeting in Slovakia! You were a great team & made everybody’s stay so fun and worthwhile! It’s … Weiterlesen

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Tatra–Alpe–Adria 2015 – invitation

Meeting and Hiking Friday afternoon Sep 18 – Sunday noon Sep 21 Sunday afternoon Sep 21 – Thursday morning Sep 24 We are happy to announce that this year the traditional Meeting (and the following days of hiking) is being … Weiterlesen

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