Üppige Einladung nach Russland

Servas Russland lädt Servas-Leute aus der ganzen Welt ein:

Good day!

This year Servas Russia holds two international meetings: the traditional one in June and one dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Servas in August.

We invite you and members of your organization to visit us in Russia.

The limit of each meeting is 30 people.

In the attached files you will find
the invitation for June with the program,
the registration form for the 70th anniversary in August with the program,
a video about the territory where the meeting will take place,
and a video about the first international meeting in Russia last year,
and reviews of its participants.

Best wishes
Iuliia Mezenina!
the national secretary of Servas Russia

mobile/whatsapp +79961829072
skype jmezenina