List of SERVAS videos on the internet

We looked for videos about SERVAS on the internet, and we were astonished about the large number of videos available. Nearly all of these videos seem to be rather unknown according to the number of their hits, but we mean that they deserve to be spread among people. So we arranged the videos into the following groups, and we hope that you like some of these videos. If you know about more videos by yourself, please contact us (SERVAS Austria or Walter Dieringer), we will add your links to this list!

(A) Lets start with some SERVAS videos we liked very much:

  1. „servas visit to budapest“, 2008 by WDR, german, 08:22, 1229 hits,
  2. „Servas Peace Radio Report“, 2011 by Cristian Ferrero, Susana Martinez, Magiari Diaz, Dinora Sanz, Pablo Colangelo, 04:26, 2221 hits, english video with spanish subtitles about the fundamentals of SERVAS, Maria and Erich Faulhammer from Tirol to be heard between 02:10 and 03:30,
  3. „Peace School of Servas“, 2016, funny video by Mehmet Ates (member of SERVAS Turkey), 03:37, 416 hits,
  4. „SERVAS“ by Pablo Chufeni, Argentina 2014, 05:43, 5611 hits, starts with beautiful silent impressions and finishes in a funny crowded SERVAS meeting,
  5. „Servas España, fomentando la paz“, 2011, spanish, 03:38, 205 hits, idyllic pictures for 02:30 minutes, then 1 minute about SERVAS

(B like Bob) Interviews in memory of Bob Luitweiler (1918-2008) by sjtomioka

  1. „Bob Luitweiler – Keys to SERVAS, the beginning“, english, 05:34, 1874 hits,
  2. „Bob Luitweiler – Going to Prison Instead of WAR“, 09:47, 2062 hits,
  3. „SERVAS – A light in the Dark – Part 1“, 08:49, 1173 hits,
  4. „SERVAS – A light in the Dark – Part 2“, 09:18, 599 hits,
  5. „Bob Luitweiler – Vagabond College“, 10:00, 450 hits,
  6. „Folk High Schools in Scandanavia“, 08:36, 797 hits,

(M like meetings) SERVAS videos about particular meetings:

  1. Italian Servas Summer Camp, August 2017, near Bergamo (organized by Raffaella Rota, coordinator in Lombardy region, Anna Cristina Siragusa and Susana Martínez):
  2. CAMPAMENTO SERVAS in Spain 2017 (organized by Susana Martínez):
  3. „Servas Uppsala“ 2016 (organized by Manda Björling, video by Thomas Harley), 11:53, 291 hits,
  4. „Servas meeting at Manda’s place in Uppsala“, 2016, swedish, 0:45, 55 hits,
  5. „Servas Youth Meeting Kyrgyzstan“, 2014, 0:58, 685 hits,
  6. „Servas International General Assembly 2012“, 03:45, 244 hits,
  7. „Servas Youth Nordic Meeting DR 2. august 2011“, Lerbjergcenteret, Denmark, danish, 02:03, 369 hits,
  8. „Servas Pakistan 2010“, meeting in Lahore, 2010, 06:27, 491 hits,
  9. „Impressions of the General Assembly Mar del Plata september 2009“, by Arnoud Philippo, 06:57, 1029 hits,
  10. „Servas International General Assembly 2009“, 03:41, 505 hits,

(S like Sergey) SERVAS videos uploaded 2015 by Sergey Kibitkin (national secretary of SERVAS Ukraine), modern and interesting „comics“ with english text elements:

  1. „Servas international – how does it work“, 03:45, 1835 hits,

  2. „Servas International – many countries – one idea“, puzzle video, 02:17, 769 hits,
  3. „Servas International structure“, 05:23, 508 hits,
  4. „Servas New Web-site New Zeland Presentation“, 04:25, 291 hits,
  5. „Servas international conferences animation history“, 02:02, 474 hits,
  6. „Let’s talk about Servas Ukraine“, 02:38, 81 hits,
  7. „Servas Ukraine – special map of hosts and day hosts in this country“, 01:33, 86 hits,

(Z) Further SERVAS videos:

  1. „Servas Youth Team“, 2013, 03:09, 611 hits, sound has been removed by facebook,
  2. „Servas Youth Language Experience: Uruguay“, 2010, english, 02:29, 204 hits,
  3. „We are SERVAS“, 2016, english, 08:58, 296 hits, interviews with British SERVAS hosts and Susana Martínez (youth coordinator of SERVAS Spain),

General tipps to find more SERVAS videos on Youtube:

If you know more videos about SERVAS, please contact us (SERVAS Austria or Walter Dieringer), we will add your link to this list!

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